The War Childhood Museum

An Examination of the Psychological Underpinnings of Human-Object Relationships with Implications for Museum Exhibitions

Phase 3
Case Study with Object Donors and Visitors to The War Childhood
Museum, Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzgovina

Objects of Resilience, Defiance and Endurance: Healing Self and Society via a Museum

Conducted by Brenda Cowan
Associate Professor of Exhibition & Experience Design,

School of Graduate Studies at SUNY/FIT,
and Melisa Delibegovic
Research Associate, Department of Exhibition & Experience Design, Bosnian War Survivor
School of Graduate Studies and SUNY/FIT

Reviewed by
Ross Laird
PhD, Interdisciplinary Creative Process, MA, Counseling Psychology

Jason McKeown
MS, LMFT, CPE, DCC, Director of Clinical and Family Services Trails Carolina

July 2017

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